Experts from Łukasiewicz – PIT and PIT INDUSTRY participated in 15th International Railway Fair – TRAKO POLAND, that took place from 19 to 22 of September 2023 in Gdańsk.

We meet here not only to present the competences of Łukasiewicz – PIT, but also of the entire Łukasiewicz Research Network – explains Sylwin Tomaszewski.

At the joint stand of Łukasiewicz Research Network, the offer of Łukasiewicz – PIT, e.g. regarding homologation of hydrogen vehicles was presented. Łukasiewicz – PIT is the only authorized unit in Poland with the permission to hydrogen homologation not only of railway vehicles, but also passenger cars and buses.

At the stand of PIT INDUSTRY, a road-rail tractor, developed in collaboration with Łukasiewicz – PIT, was presented.

During TRAKO POLAND, a discussion panel entitled „Development strategy, new and modernised rolling stock and passenger needs – rail in a post-2030 perspective”  took place, with the participation of Rafał Cichy, Director of Digitalization and Inspection Department at Łukasiewicz – PIT.

In my opinion, an important issue for the railway development are technical improvements of vehicles and material solutions, e.g. to soundproof train compartments. Using better and better technologies will attract more people – says Rafał Cichy.