Research Centres

Centrum Nowoczesnej Technologii

Centre for Modern Mobility

Centre for Modern Mobility develops innovative solutions and technologies in logistics, transport, agriculture and forestry. It creates and develops technologies, adapting them to the specific needs of the economy or individual customers. The centre includes research groups for vehicle and machine construction, simulation research, electrical engineering, automation and robotics, and logistics. 

Centre for Digital Transformation

Centre for Digital Transformation is engaged in advanced
scientific work and research and development. It focuses on the
adaptation and implementation of modern, intelligent digital
technologies. It creates, develops and adapts technologies,
optimises business processes and systems to meet all customer
needs. It also deals with standardisation and automation in various
industries. The centre includes research groups for software,
electronic devices and business processes.

centrum transformacji cyfrowej
centrum zrównoważonej gospodarki

Centre for Sustainable Economy

Centre for Sustainable Economy is dedicated to the research,
development and implementation of sustainable industrial and
environmental technologies. Its aim is to replace existing solutions
that burden the environment with new ones that will protect it and
possibly reverse its degradation. The centre includes research
groups for materials engineering, mechanical engineering and
wood, chemical and environmental technologies.

Centre for Laboratory Testing

Centre for Laboratory Testing provides testing services for the Institute and business customers. These include tests accredited according to industry standards, but also non-accredited tests. The centre also develops new testing methods and carries out standardisation activities.

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