Centre for Modern Mobility

Centre for Modern Mobility develops innovative solutions and technologies in logistics, transport, agriculture and forestry. It creates and develops technologies, adapting them to the specific needs of the economy or individual customers. The Centre includes research groups for vehicle and machine construction, simulation research, electrical engineering, automation and robotics, and logistics.

It is at this centre that autonomous agricultural machines, components for rail vehicles such as drives, braking systems or bogies, control systems, electrical and electronic systems, designs for transport management systems or warehouse organisation are developed.

The Centre focuses activities of:

Research Group for Construction

  •  Division for Rail Vehicles Development
  •  Division for Agricultural and Forest Machines Development
  •  Division for Modeling and Simulation

Research Group for Electrical Engineering, Automation and Robotics

Research Group for Logistic

Project and Product Management Department

Areas of Activity:

Conducting scientific, R&D and implementation work in:

  • passenger and freight rail vehicles,
  • locomotives, road-rail and special vehicles,
  • complete bogies for rail vehicles,
  • drive systems and assemblies,
  • pneumatic brake equipment,
  • compressed air generation and treatment units,
  • models of pneumatic equipment.

Conducting scientific, R&D and implementation work on the design of tools, machines and equipment used in agriculture and forestry for, e.g.:

  • soil culvation,
  • mechanical crop care,
  • seed sowing,
  • fertilisation,
  • plant protection,
  • harvesting, loading and transport of agriculture and forestry products.

Performing simulation studies on:

  • analyses of the static and fatigue strength and stability of superstructures, devices and equipment,
  • strength analyses (analytical and numerical methods) of screw connections,
  • calculation of mass distribution and centers of gravity,
  • determining the outline of the vehicle gauge,
  • calculations for determining traction characteristics and energy requirements,
  • simulation of vehicle dynamics,
  • simulation studies on the passive safety of structures (crashworthiness),
  • heat capacity calculations,
  • analyses of gas and liquid flows,
  • R&D works on the development of proprietary computational methods in programming languages.

Scientific, R&D and implementation works in:

  • electrical and electronic systems,
  • control systems,
  • automatic regulation of mobile or stationary devices as well as sensors and measurement systems,
  • mechatronic devices.

Implementation of consulting services, application research, development and implementation works in the area of ​​logistics and supply chains, both at the level of process organization and infrastructure, including:

  • design of transport management systems,
  • designing the organization and technology of warehouses, including distribution/production centers,
  • designing inventory management systems.

Director of the Centre for
Modern Mobility

Piotr Tarnawski