13 April 2022

The 9th International Scientific Logistics Conference

We invite to participate in the 9th International Scientific Logistics Conference, organized by the University of Logistics on April 25-26, 2022. The subject of the event are the problems of modern logistics in scientific research. Among the speakers and debaters there you can find representatives of Łukasiewicz – PIT – Arkadiusz Kawa, PhD, Director of the Institute, Marta Cudziło, Deputy Director of the Center of Logistics and Emerging Technologies, Małgorzata Kirchner from the Department of Project Support and Acquisition. 

Information about the conference: https://wsl.com.pl/en/wsl-forum

As part of the 9th International Scientific Logistics Conference, the EIT Urban Mobility debate on urban logistics will be held. 

Polish and European cities play an increasingly important role in the last mile delivery processes, and the support and development of urban mobility is not only a challenge for municipal authorities, but also a huge opportunity for enterprises.

We invite to a debate aimed at discussing Smart City solutions, including technological and organizational solutions supporting the improvement of the efficiency of goods flows in cities. In the discussion, we will try to introduce the ideas of consolidation hubs, more and more common cargo bikes or drones that can take over last mile deliveries in the future, as well as the concept of intelligent returnable packaging or intelligent unloading bays. We will try to confront these solutions with the problems of urban logistics and the possibilities of their adaptation in cities.

The debate will be held under the auspices of the European Institute of Technology under which Łukasiewicz – PIT runs EIT Urban Mobility RIS Hub Poland, supporting cooperation between entities in order to create innovative mobility solutions. The debate will be attended by representatives of the world of science, city and business.


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