Forum Holzbau Polska

On April 25-26, the 6th edition of Forum Holzbau Polska will take place at the Windsor Hotel in Jachranka near Warsaw – meeting for professionals of wood construction industry. 350 participants and over 45 exhibitors have confirmed their participation.

Forum Holzbau Polska is a conference zone and exhibition space. At the conference, 12 lectures will be presented in the formula “practitioners for practitioners”. Projects in frame technologies or solid wood such as glulam, HBE or CLT will be discussed, both of residential buildings, hotels, sports halls and kindergartens. Speakers will present issues related to fire protection, ventilation of buildings, technical and design solutions for various types of structures.

Two parallel sessions are planned for the second day. The Holzbau Master student session will start in a separate conference room, in which young graduates of Polish universities: Warsaw University of Technology, Silesian University of Technology, Warsaw University of Life Sciences and the University of Life Sciences in Poznań will present the results of their diploma theses. The session will be moderated by Andrzej Noskowiak, PhD from Łukasiewicz – Poznań Institute of Technology.

The exhibition space is an opportunity to meet suppliers of technologies and raw materials for the production of wooden houses, who prepare over 45 exhibition stands, including the stand of Łukasiewicz – Poznań Institute of Technology.

“Forum Holzbau is an organization established 25 years ago by professors of European universities who educate in fields related to wooden construction. Every year, more than a dozen conferences gathering a total of over 8000 participants are organized under the banner of Forum Holzbau. The conference and exhibition in Poland will be held for the sixth time.

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