Mechanical testing of rail vehicles

We carry out comprehensive testing of the braking systems of rail vehicles and trams.

Mechanical testing of rail vehicles – our offer:

We perform checks based on leaflets: UIC 540, UIC 547 and standards: EN 15355, EN 16185-2, EN 16834, PN-K-88177, tram regulations and vehicle technical documentation.

We carry out checks based on the UIC 544-1 leaflet and the EN 16834 standard, as well as the tram regulations.

Checks are carried out on the basis of the PN-K-88177 standard and separate metro regulations.

Tests performed taking into account the following regulations: Commission Regulation (EU) No 1302/2014, Commission Regulation (EU) No 321/2013, Standards: PN-EN 13452-2, PN-EN 14033-1, PN-EN 14198, PN-EN 15355, PN-EN 15595, PN-EN 15746-1, PN-EN 16185-2, PN-EN 16834, PN-K-88177, other standards for brake system components built on the tested vehicle, charters: UIC 540, UIC 541-3, UIC 541-4, UIC 541- 5, UIC 541-6, UIC 541-03, UIC 541-05, UIC 543, UIC 544-1, UIC 544-2, UIC 546, other UIC charters for the brake system components built on the test vehicle.

AB 053 certyfikat PCA

Our research reports are recognised in all signatory countries of the ILAC MRA Multilateral Mutual Recognition Agreement.

Write to us if you need an offer in the range above or are additionally interested in:

  • fatigue tests on bogie frames,
  • strength testing of rail vehicles,
  • static and fatigue strength analysis.
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Bartosz Grzelka

Phone: +48 605 994 005

Address for sending samples:

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Poznan Institute of Technology

Laboratory of Environmental Testing

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