Flammability testing

We carry out ignitability tests on upholstered furniture, mattresses and tests to determine the fire reaction classification of construction products such as flooring and sports ground surfaces.

Flammability Testing – our offer:

Determination of the ignitability of upholstered furniture from a smouldering cigarette (EN 1021-1) and from a match flame equivalent (EN 1021-2).

Assessment of the ignitability of furniture and upholstery materials from smouldering and burning sources of ignition such as a smouldering cigarette, match flame equivalent, butane burner, wood pile (e.g. crib 5) according to British Standards (BS 5282) and in accordance with British regulations in this regard.

Test of ignitability from a smoldering cigarette (EN 597-1) and from a match flame equivalent (EN 597-2).

  • Determination of critical heat flux and smoke release (EN ISO 9239-1)
  • Determination of ignitability from a single flame (EN ISO 11925-2)
  • Tests performed to determine the class of reaction to fire according to EN 13501-1

Determination of ignitability from a single flame of construction products (EN ISO 11925-2); fire classification of construction products on the basis of reaction to fire tests (EN 13501-1)

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Our research reports are recognised in all signatory countries of the ILAC MRA Multilateral Mutual Recognition Agreement.

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