Environmental testing of rail vehicles

In order to protect the health of operating staff, improve the audibility and intelligibility of acoustic signals, ensure passenger comfort and protect the environment, an assessment of the acoustic properties of rail vehicles is carried out.

Our specialists carry out tests on the acoustic properties of rail vehicles and on infra-sonic noise in the working environment.

Environmental testing of rail vehicles – our offer:

Testing of the acoustic properties of rail vehicles:

Tests of acoustic properties are carried out by taking measurements outside and inside rail vehicles when they are stationary, starting up and running. The scope of the tests also includes measurements of the acoustic signals and the acoustic door signals.

We perform the tests in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) No 1304/2014, Commission Regulation (EU) No 1300/2014 para. and Annex G, PN- EN ISO 3381:2011, PN-EN ISO 3095:2013, PN-EN 15892:2011, UIC 651 issue 4:2002, PN-EN 15153-2:2013-06 and PN-EN 15153-2:2020-06.

Measurements are performed at the workstation (e.g. driver, motorist) in accordance with the requirements of PN- Z-01338:2010, PN-EN ISO 9612:2011 with the exception of Strategy 1 and Strategy 3.

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Our research reports are recognised in all signatory countries of the ILAC MRA Multilateral Mutual Recognition Agreement.

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