Calibration of measuring and control instruments

We specialise in providing calibration services for measuring instruments. We offer: calibration of meters for electrical measurements, e.g.: digital multimeters, power supplies or voltmeters; calibration of pressure and pressure transducers; calibration of thermometers and temperature meters; and calibration of measuring instruments for length and angle measurements, e.g.: calipers, dial indicators or micrometers; as well as calibration of force meters and force transducers.

The result of calibration determines the deviation from the standard and the uncertainty of measurement of a measuring instrument. Calibration of measuring instruments determines whether the instrument meets the specified metrological requirements and is suitable for performing measurements.

The calibrated measuring instrument is issued with a calibration certificate. The certificate contains, among other things, a table of the measurements made, the measurement error and the estimation of the measurement uncertainty, as well as information on the standards used and the date of the test.

Calibration of measuring and control instruments – our offer:

  • digital multimeters,
    voltmeters, ammeters,
    current transducers and probes, voltage transducers,
    oscilloscopes, power supplies,
    voltage signal recorders.
  • digital and spring pressure gauges and pressure transducers
  • dial indicators, dial indicators, depth gauges, universal feeler gauges, bevel protractors, inside micrometers, linear measuring gauges – rigid metal, digital weldmeters, various types of calipers, dial indicators diameter gauges, height gauges

Wzorcowanie przyrządów pomiarowych
  • Calibration of force gauges and force transducers

Benefits of calibration of control and measuring instruments:

ensuring safe operation

improving the quality of measurements

extending the life of instruments

reducing the risk of errors

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