POIG.01.03.02-30-040/12 – Support of the protection of the intellectual property

Project no. POIG.01.03.02-30-040/12 entitled: “Support of the protection of the intellectual property developed in the Wood Technology Institute as a result of R&D in the field of finishing and preserving wood and composite wood materials”

The Wood Technology Institute in Poznan was granted finance from the European Regional Development Fund for the implementation of the project no. POIG.01.03.02-30-040/12 entitled:

 „Support of the protection of the intellectual property developed in the Wood Technology Institute as a result of R&D in the field of finishing and preserving wood and composite wood materials”

Project duration: 2013 – 2015

Priority 1
New Technology Research and Development
Measure 1.3
Support for R&D projects benefiting entrepreneurs and implemented by research centers
Submeasure 1.3.2
Support for the protection of industrial property generated in research centers as a result of R&D works

Value of the project: PLN 691,507.00
Funding from the European Union: PLN 656,570.00

Aim of the Project
The aim of the project is to obtain exclusive rights as regards the protection of industrial property of solutions developed by research teams of the Wood Technology Institute working on the innovative preservatives for the protection of lignocellulosic matrix against biodeterioration processes (used in innovative technologies for increasing durability of wood and wood-based panels) and on the development of a lacquer composition with metal nanooxides improving the lightfastness of finished wood surface.


The Project includes support for industrial property rights protection concerning four inventions in the field of high technologies in the chemical and wood sectors with the use of new generation chemicals and nanocompounds.

The project assumes extension of the protection of the following Polish patent applications:

  • P. 399736 “Protective agents against fungi and algae and methods for wood protection against fungi and algae using these chemicals”
  • P. 400122 “A method for the protection of particleboards against fungi and an agent for particleboard protection against fungi”
  • P. 400103 “A method for the protection of plywood against fungi”

in the European Patent Office (according to EPO procedure) and also application of a new solution in national and European procedure:

  • “A lacquer composition with an addition of inorganic pigments to improve the lightfastness of lacquered wooden elements”.
    The developed lacquer composition is a result of many years of research conducted in Institute in order to create a basis for the development of a formula and methods of producing wooden elements of furniture with improved lightfastness.

The project fits in the priorities indicated by the Innovation Union through profound recognition of scientific novelties and proposition of own solutions, as well as through maintenance and development of close cooperation with entrepreneurs.

Impact of the Project

The executed project will bring many positive economic and social effects. It will contribute to the development of the wood and chemical industries, especially in the field of production of wood preservatives and wood finishing lacquers, and thus to the development of the region where the project is carried out.

The project is part of the Regional Innovation Strategy for Greater Poland Province for the period 2010-2020 as the knowledge and technology go from science sphere to business entities. An increase in technological and managerial capacities of companies and the market value of future producers of ionic liquids – ecological protective agents (innovative wood products) – will  have a positive effect on industrial production growth and ensure the competitiveness of the Polish economy on the international market. Both these effects are in line with equal opportunities policy and knowledge-based economy creation policy.

Environmental technologies of wood-based panels resistant to biodeterioration, implemented thanks to commercialization of inventions, will help solve the problem of degradation and moulding of board materials produced on the European market.

Moreover, the project will also enhance the scientific, research and technological base of the forest-based sector to the European level, help establish a common wood policy in Europe, and strengthen the competitiveness of bioeconomy based on renewable raw materials. The innovative nature of this project consists in the development of protective and finishing compounds with limited emissions to the environment and in their technological application, which extremely positive in terms of the environment improvement and the residents’ health.