Intermediation platform for e- invoicing for public finance – PEF

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Project “Intermediation platform for e-invoicing for public finance – PEF”

Most important challenges

Implementation of compulsory reception of e-invoices by public administration using the functionality of the E-Invoicing Platform.

  • creation of the E-Invoicing Platform, a free tool for sending e-invoices from public procurement contractors to the administration
  • achieving a state of readiness of public entities to receive e-invoices compliant with the requirements of Directive 2014/55/EU.


  • improvement of access to public information on the implementation of public procurement contracts
  • reduction of costs of handling public procurement contracts in enterprises and entities in the public finance area
  • reduction of the value of calculated contracts and increasing the efficiency of spending public funds
  • facilitation of active participation on the EU public procurement market to Polish companies (especially small and medium sized enterprises)



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