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Most important challenges

Adaptation and pilot implementation of the eFreight standard for information exchange in European ports, including the application of the eFreight standard for information exchange in three TEN-T network corridors: the Atlantic, the Mediterranean and the Baltic/Adriatic one.

The pilot application of the eFreight standard will involve various IT solutions, including:

  • an IT system to enable/improve multimodal transport and logistic planning as well as logistics management integrated with transport management systems,
  • multimodal route planning for freight transport,
  • tracking and tracing tools,
  • smart cargo applications,
  • tools for the implementation of transport documents,
  • IT infrastructure for information exchange, user authorisation and authentication: eFreight connectivity infrastructure,
  • support for interoperability between the standards.


The pilot use of the eFreight standard will be applied in TEN-T ports, their logistics environment and between multimodal nodes of the three TEN-T transport corridors. The ports involved in the project are: Trieste (Italy), Leixoes and Lisbon (Portugal), Gdańsk, Gdynia, Szczecin and Świnoujście (Poland). The tasks of the Polish “pilot” are carried out jointly by Łukasiewicz – the Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, the Baltic Container Terminal in Gdynia and technological partner – Qmak.



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