Center of Wood Technology

Center of Wood Technology carries out R&D works and projects in the field of wood industry, and comprehensively deals with the issues of wood processing, its application and the creation of new composites based on the material.


The Center operates through:

  • Research Group of Environmental Protection and Wood Preservation
    • Division of Air Quality Investigation
  • Research Group of Composite Technologies
    • Division of Surface Modification and Testing
  • Research Group of Bioenergy and Wood Chemical Conversion
  • Research Group of Strategic Analyses for the Wood Industry
  • Research Group of Wood and Construction Material Investigation
    • Division of Phytosanitary Requirements
  • Department of Prototypes and Product Development
  • Department of Wood Industry Product Certification
  • Testing Laboratory of Wood, Wood-Based Materials, Packaging, Furniture and Constructions.


Within the Center:

conduct their activities.


Profile of activity:

  • LCA and carbon footprint analyzes for products and processes
  • testing on increasing the resistance of wood-based panels to fire and microorganisms
  • testing the flammability and ignitability of materials using various methods
  • mycological tests determining the contamination of materials with fungi and molds
  • assessment of the suitability of wood waste for recycling
  • indications of waste disposal methods
  • indication of methods of preparing wood waste for recycling or processing
  • attempts to balance the wood waste from production processes
  • assessment of the possibility of using primary and secondary raw materials for the production of composite materials and materials modifying the physical and functional properties of varnish coatings
  • development of new material solutions including lignocellulosic composites as a substitute for currently used plastic-based products, modifications of enriching agents, due to which composite surfaces would be more resistant to water, fire and mechanical factors
  • testing the physical-mechanical and strength properties of composite materials
  • aging tests of car body elements (coatings on metal) and interior fittings (coatings on composite wood material)
  • usable resistance tests of surfaces of non-structural elements (armchairs, floors, paneling elements, etc.)
  • tests of hygienic properties in terms of the content and emission of formaldehyde from materials used in the production of elements
  • tests in the field of economic, organizational and technological aspects of development strategies for the forest-based sector.


Acting Director of the Center of Wood Technology
Dariusz Garbiec, PhD




Center of Wood Technology

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60-654 Poznań
Phone: +48 61 849 24 00