Center of Rail Vehicles

Center of Rail Vehicles conducts innovative R&D works within the area of rail vehicles, which mainly concern innovative solutions for a new and modernized railroad rolling stock. Our specialists carry out works related to the development and simulation, bench and movement tests of various types of rail vehicles, rail-road vehicles and their components.


The Center operates through:

  • Prototypes Research Group
    • Prototypes Division
    • Division of Pneumatic Systems and Brakes
    • Service Division
  • Research Group of Rail Vehicle Development
    • Division of Rail Wheel Systems
    • Division of Passenger Vehicle
    • Division of Locomotive and Cargo Vehicle
  • Research Group of Electric Systems
    • Division of Electric Systems
    • Division of Control Systems
  • Department of Administration and Warehousing
  • Department of Quality Control
  • Laboratory of Rail Vehicles
    • Division of Rail Vehicles Certification
    • Division of Rail Vehicle Testing
    • Division of Simulation Testing
    • Standardization Division.


Within the Center:

conduct their activities.


Profile of activity:

  • approval tests for trams
  • fatigue tests of bogie frames, their assemblies and components
  • static strength tests of rail vehicle boxes
  • EMC tests (radiated, conductive), compatibility with rolling stock detection systems
  • pantograph tests
  • checking the cooperation of the on-board ERTMS/ETCS equipment with the trackside infrastructure
  • research on acoustic properties of railway vehicles and trams
  • vehicle gauge calculations
  • structural strength tests
  • tests on dynamic properties of rail vehicles
  • tests on braking systems, brakes and braking processes of rail vehicles and trams
  • conducting comprehensive certification processes for products of the railway sector
  • EC verification of subsystems, EC conformity assessment of interoperability constituents, assessment of subsystems compliance with national requirements, conformity certification as an organizational unit, certification in the voluntary area in accordance with the scope of accreditation
  • independent safety assessment as an inspection unit
  • R&D works on rail and rail-road vehicles, units and systems for rail vehicles and combined transport systems
  • comprehensive solutions for electrical issues in rail vehicles.


Director of the Center of Rail Vehicles
Piotr Tarnawski



Center of Rail Vehicles

ul. Warszawska 181
61-055 Poznań
Phone: +48 61 653 40 01