Center of Metal Forming 

Center of Metal Forming carries out R&D works and projects in the field of mechanical, materials and biomedical engineering, automation and robotics, as well as the construction and operation of machines, responding to the current market needs. Experienced staff, supported by modern scientific, research and laboratory facilities, develop and implement the results of research works on the technology of powder metallurgy, non-metallurgical metals forming as well as heat and thermo-chemical treatment of metals.


The Center operates through:

  • Research Group of Bulk Forming and Automation
    • Division of Prototype Construction
  • Research Group of Metal Sheet Forming
  • Research Group of Metal Science and Heat Treatment
    • Division of Heat Treatment
    • Division of Quality and Measurement
  • Research Group of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies
    • Division of Powder Metallurgy
    • Division of Surface Engineering and Tribology
  • Production Department.

An accredited testing laboratory (accreditation certificate AB 105) conducts its activity within the Center.


Profile of activity:

  • material tests (verification of steel grades from suppliers, microscopic, strength and chemical tests)
  • strength tests of vehicle structure elements, welded elements, etc.
  • development of rotational shaping technology, production of devices and products
  • development of forging and extrusion processes
  • development of the structure, production and implementation of machines, devices and special tools
  • fabrication of parts by powder metallurgy
  • production of materials using the spark-plasma sintering technology
  • computer aided design of product shaping processes
  • automation of production processes of shaping using powder metallurgy methods, shaping bars, sheets, forgings, etc.
  • tests in the field of heat and thermochemical treatment of metals
  • tests covering the issues of friction, wear and lubrication in the field of machinery, tool and biomaterials
  • friction and wear tests of hip implants and spine implants
  • implementation of small-series and prototype production series for the customer.


Jacek Borowski

Director of the Center of Metal Forming

Jacek Borowski, PhD




Center of Metal Forming

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61-139 Poznań
Phone: +48 61 657 05 55