Center of Logistics and Emerging Technologies

Center of Logistics and Emerging Technologies carries out R&D works and projects in the field of goods circulation in macrologic systems, logistic chains and enterprises, radio technologies, electronics, automation and robotics, automatic identification, location and monitoring techniques, information technologies with particular emphasis on artificial intelligence.


The Center operates through:


Within the Center an accredited Laboratory of Wireless Technologies and Electromagnetic Compatibility (AB 053 accreditation certificate) conducts its activity.


Profile of activity:

  • diagnostics and evaluation of logistics areas (company audit and market research)
  • designing effective logistic solutions, both at the level of process organization and logistics infrastructure
  • designing effective solutions for demand planning and stock replenishment for production and sales
  • designing transport management systems, including multi-modality
  • designing the organization and technology of warehouses and logistics centers
  • design and implementation of identification and location technologies upon:
    • passive RFID radio techniques
    • 1D and 2D barcodes of any symbology
    • active RTLS and GSM indoor and outdoor location systems
    • low power sensory networks
    • image analysis
  • implementation of research and development projects in the field of electronics, telecommunications, IoT solutions, etc. with particular emphasis on their use in logistics
  • design, prototyping and small-lot production of electronic devices
  • tests of radio, electronic and electrical devices in the field of electromagnetic immunity and compatibility for compliance with the EMC/RED directives (CE Mark).


Marta Cudziło

Acting Director of the Center of Logistics
and Emerging Technologies

Marta Cudziło, PhD



Center of Logistics and Emerging Technologies

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61-755 Poznań
Phone: +48 61 850 48 90

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