Center of Digital Transformations

Center of Digital Transformations carries out development and implementation works related to the use of intelligent digital technologies, modification or implementation of business processes and systems with the use of digital technologies tailored to the specific needs and goals of individual clients and scientific needs.


The Center operates through:

  • Research Group of Digital Economy
    • Division of Digital Product Design
    • Division of Business and System Analytics and Implementation
    • Division of Information Processing and Electronic Data Interchange
  • Research Group of Process Excellence
  • Research Group of Computer Science
  • Department of Systems Development
  • Department of Systems Maintenance.


Profile of activity:

  • analysis and improvement of business processes (BPMN 2.0 process models, Process Digital Twin, assessment of benefits before changes implementation in the process – we operate in any industry)
  • accessibility and digital usability (accessibility audit, designing available services, training in designing the available services, WCAG 2.1 standard, User Experience)
  • implementation of identification standards (EDI Standards, GS1, e-Invoice, projects and implementation of identification standards and electronic data interchange in production, warehouse and communication, including the automotive industry, integration projects)
  • Electronic Platforms (design, execution and implementation, high-performance platforms in micro-service technology)
  • quality of product data (audit of the product data quality, developing methods and tools for improving product data)
  • searching and matching data in distributed databases, e.g. internet registers
  • amendments tracking in the legal acts using artificial intelligence
  • detection of abnormal situations, e.g. in IT systems using prediction and artificial intelligence
  • emerging IT practically used in business.


Zbigniew Szuliński

Director of the Center of Digital Transformations
Zbigniew Szuliński, MSc


Center of Digital Transformations

ul. Ewarysta Estkowskiego 6
61-755 Poznań
Phone: +48 61 850 48 90