Center of Agricultural and Food Technology

Center of Agricultural and Food Technology carries out R&D works and projects in the area related to the agricultural, agri-food and forestry sectors. We deal with issues in the field of, among others, robotization and automation of works in agriculture, precision agriculture, development of ICT techniques, machine operation and technology in the food industry sector.


The Center operates through:

  • Research Group of Autonomous Systems
    • Division of Strength, Stability and Dynamics Testing
    • Division of Mechatronic Devices and Systems Research
  • Research Group of Machine Construction
    • Division of Machine and Mechanical Equipment Virtual Design
    • Division of Engineer’s Analyses
    • Division of Technologies and Material Research
  • Research Group of Food Techniques and Technology
  • Testing Laboratory of Agricultural Machines.


Within the Center:

  • an accredited Testing Laboratory of Agricultural Machines (AB 190 accreditation certificate),
  • Sprayer Control Station with high-class measuring equipment, in accordance with the recommendations of the Chief Inspector of Plant Health and Seed Inspection

conduct their activities.


Profile of activity:

  • issues in the field of (among others) robotization and automation of work in agriculture
  • development of ICT techniques in agriculture
  • designing and production of models and prototypes of machines and devices as well as prototype installations, research apparatus, research devices
  • desiging the subassemblies and components under the supervision of the customer
  • designing the power hydraulics systems, generating diagrams, selecting components
  • simulation studies of virtual models in the field of kinematic behavior and stability
  • structural strength tests using the finite element method
  • field tests in the scope of strength, durability and reliability of structures, determination of stresses, accelerations and forces acting at selected points under operating conditions
  • identification of dynamic characteristics (FRF) of vehicles and determination of dynamic characteristics (FRF) at nodal points of the structure, identification of modal parameters, determination of the natural frequency with the methods of operational modal analysis
  • analyzes related to risk assessment, safety of individual components (e.g. covers), noise and acoustic tests, local vibrations – on handles/handrails
  • material tests, analysis of the chemical composition of steel, 3D scanning of parts and on their basis creating a 3D model, rapid prototyping (FDM), laser surfacing of metal powders (LMD), photogrammetric and thermographic measurements.


Acting Director of the Center of Agricultural

and Food Technology
Piotr Tarnawski



Center of Agricultural and Food Technology

ul. Starołęcka 31
60-963 Poznań
Phone: +48 61 871 22 22

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