Lecture by dr. Mathias Magdowski at Lukasiewicz – PIT

Dr. Mathias Magdowski during his visit at Lukasiewicz - PIT

On Wednesday, April 17, 2024, dr. Mathias Magdowski from Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg gave a lecture at Lukasiewicz – PIT. 

The lecture focused on the measurement of radiated emissions at high frequencies. Participants learned about the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure in various EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) test environments, such as anechoic rooms, wave guides and reverberation chambers.

During his stay at our Institute, Mathias Magdowski visited the Radio Technology and Electromagnetic Compatibility Laboratory.

The laboratory is equipped with many very interesting tools that facilitate electromagnetic compatibility measurements as well as ultrasonic testing. I liked it there very much – he said.

The meeting was organized as part of the IEEE EMC-S Distinguished Lecturer program “Robust, Precise, Fast – Chose Two for Radiated EMC Measurements!”.

People listening to the lecture given by Mathias Magdowski People sitting in a conference room and listening to the lecture given by Mathias Magdowski Krzysztof Sieczkarek during the lecture of Dr. Mathias Magdowski