25 years of accreditation of theTesting Laboratory of Research Group of Metal Science and Heat Treatment

The beginnings …

Research Group of Metal Science and Heat Treatment, operating as part of Center of Metal Forming of Łukasiewicz – PIT, celebrates a noble jubilee. Its name and structure has changed over the years. The Metal Research Department (ZBM) was established in 1975 on the foundations of the previously operating, at the Higher School of Engineering (since 1949), Metallographic Laboratory. Over the years, the Laboratory has been systematically developing. The Department succeeded in carrying out its own scientific and research works and conducted research for other departments and R&D laboratories of the Metal Forming Institute (INOP). It also took an active part in supporting the Polish industry, helping to solve a number of complicated problems in the field of metal science.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the modern research procedures applicable in Europe were introduced. A Quality Book was developed for formed metal products, adapted to the requirements of the European Economic Community (EEC). In 1995, the Quality Assurance System was implemented and an application for accreditation of the Laboratory was prepared. After two years, these efforts were successful. The Metal Testing Department has been certified by the Polish Center for Testing and Certification, and the employees have undergone specialist training in the applicable procedures.


…and nowadays

Research Group of Metal Science and Heat Treatment as a scientific and research entity, provides services for industrial clients and for other departments of Łukasiewicz – PIT. The Research Group cooperates with significant research institutions in the country and abroad, and the accreditation of the Polish Center for Accreditation is a reliable criterion for potential clients when selecting services in the field of various tests. The equipment, rich in modern apparatus, enables the provision of services for the industry in a wide range.

Examples of the testing apparatus:

Research Group of Metal Science and Heat Treatment under the leadership of Agnieszka Laurentowska-Tyczka, PhD, plays a leading role in the field of testing metal alloys and formed metal products (solids and powders).

Currently, 8 people are working in the laboratory (including 3 people with the title of PhD): from the chief specialist to the junior specialist-laboratory technician.


In Łukasiewicz – PIT,  the testing services are also offered by testing laboratories of  many years of experience, operating within other Research Centers:


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