A Polish Woman of the 21st century from Łukasiewicz – PIT

Anna Gawrońska, PhD, from Łukasiewicz – PIT was appreciated by the Jury of the “Polish woman of the 21st century” competition. On May 31, 2022, during a ceremonial gala, she received a distinction in the “Health” category from Małgorzata Dziedziak, Vice President of the Polish National Health Fund. The awards were given to women who are distinguished by their activities in many areas of life. The Laureate activity for hospitals in the field of digitization of the so-called the gray part (mainly using the scanning of barcodes and electronic documents in accordance with interoperability standards) to improve patient safety and increase the economic efficiency of medical facilities was awarded.

The award I received is a great honor for me and a confirmation of the legitimacy of my actions for hospitals. The experience gained at the institute allows me to implement interesting projects, the effects of which are crucial for all of us. Each of us has been, is or will be a patient. Therefore, improving logistics processes in hospitals is phenomenal for many reasons. I am glad that I can contribute to the actions. ” – the Laureate commented.